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8/31/2012 20:00 CEST: Member Update ... The Time is Near! ... New to online marketing?
8/30/2012 19:00 CEST: Member Update ... Follow our progress! ... Ensure you white-list to avoid missing emailed updates.
8/29/2012 07:00 CEST: Support Department Update ... understanding the migration process and SolidTrust Pay ACH.
8/27/2012 20:00 CEST: Support Department Update ... currently in the process of migrating over to ProfitClicking.
8/27/2012 02:06 CEST: Click Here for a New Update! ... thank you for your continued trust and patience.

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8/24/2012 07:45 CEST: Click Here for Answers to the most asked questions
8/23/2012 20:30 CEST: URGENT UPDATE: There were some technical challenges during the completion of yesterday's daily earnings. Please note that IT is scanning members' dashboards and your totals may change to reflect the correct configuration of earnings. Remember that earnings were supposed to be paid only for positions active up until 8/20 12:05. On 8/21 we started our migration process, so payouts will NOT be made on that day. Thank you for your patience!
8/23/2012 00:05 CEST: Fredrick Mann Retired! JBP members are in good hands with the migration to ProfitClicking... Nothing changes, everybody wins! Click the link for more information!
8/22/2012 03:00 CEST: Please note that some of the numbers and totals in the dashboard are not correct. We are working on getting accurate information displayed. Thank you for your patience.