Member Services Update ... Launch Functionality Timelines

Member Services 9/6/2012 Update

As you have probably heard by now, ProfitClicking has acquired JustBeenPaid! and the migration is almost completed. This migration process has been more complex than anticipated. Any specific questions will be addressed by the new site and FAQ listed on the web site. We thank you for your continued patience through the final stages of this process.

One of the the next items you can expect to be able to access is your so-called Wallet, where your funds go in and out of ProfitClicking, and where you fund and withdraw money from the ProfitClicking system - look for this feature within the next few hours.

Within 24 hours after that, expect to be able to buy advertising packages.

Within 24 hours after that, expect to receive your first daily earnings as a result of your ad package purchasing - the more advertising you buy, the more earnings you receive in this marvelous system.

Finally, within 24 hours after that, you will be able to withdraw any earnings you received before and after the migration from JustBeenPaid to ProfitClicking.

Training and support services will be available soon after the completion, to assist members with the new features and services available.

The Countdown has begun! You can follow the timer for an estimated time of launch at:

Here's to your Success!
ProfitClicking Executive Team