Member Update ... Daily Update ... BEWARE of rumors!

Member Update - 09/11/2012

Daily Update

The IT Team has been testing and retesting for accuracy and reliability of the new speedy servers and the new streamlined PC system. All features will be enabled as soon as they are determined A-OK.

Your patience in this transition is much appreciated.

BEWARE of rumors!

We have recently noticed an increase in reports going around on chat forums and conferences that are simply incorrect. Incorrect Information causes so many negative side effects such as confusion, frustration and many others. The migration of this system is not a simple switch and we are done. This is a major increase in our system, functionality and software. We have a strong plan, we are confident, committed and working towards the future of our global organization. Members of ProfitClicking will always be the first to know when it comes to major announcements and official product launches.

From time to time members with active accounts will receive an email from the executive, informing every one of the latest updates. Members also have daily announcements they can read, located on the daily announcement section of the dashboard, once they login to their accounts.

We strive to keep our members informed and safe at all times. We also know that emails can sometimes come across as official when they may not be. So we always suggest you check you dashboard to make sure you are getting the correct information.

Remember no member of the ProfitClicking staff will ask you for your personal information in an email or live forum. Security is our priority and your success is our mission. Stay informed, stay confident, stay connected and let us create success together.

Here's to your Success!
ProfitClicking Executive Team