Member Update ... Income starting within 24 hours ... Viewing Ads

Daily Updates For September 12, 2012

Within the next 24 hours, all members that have recently purchased their new ad packages and have clicked and viewed at least 3 member websites a day, will start to receive income for their efforts.

If you have not viewed your sites yet, simply log into your Dashboard and click on "View Ads" under the section "Traffic Exchange" in your Member Area. Please remember this must be done each day to continue earning income for your participation in the program.

We hope that each member will view the websites that are being shown and see if they can benefit the projects you're working on. These are the sites from individuals and companies that are paying for traffic to their site. They get increased traffic and you get paid.

Income for ad packages created from the accounts of members migrated over from JustBeenPaid will start within the next few days.

Our new servers are up and being tested as we speak. This was set in place to handle the increased traffic that is already occurring with our amazing traffic exchange system. Expect over the next 48 hours to have the ability to change your membership profiles and the ability to request withdrawals from your accounts.

Again we want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding as we make these enhancements to better serve you and our retail clients.

Here's to your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team