Member Update ... Launch Announcement!

Member Update - 09/08/2012

Launch Announcement!

Are you ready for the exciting first step into your new user experience of ProfitClicking? Over the next 48 hours we are finishing the final touches to the dashboard area in your customer account. Each release will have critical steps that must take place to insure the proper function of all areas of the dashboard, this process is known as a beta testing period.

In the first beta test we will be opening up the areas to fund your wallet and purchase your "ad packs". From here the process is simple, choose the amount of clicks you would like to purchase and watch our system do the rest. Keep track of you ad campaigns in the money monitoring section of your dashboard.

We will be monitoring all areas in this first step and will make adjustments as everything is rolled out.

Here's to your Success!
ProfitClicking Executive Team