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Please be reminded:

Although members can't submit tickets at the moment, we are responding to those which have been sent to us by JustBeenPaid in an effort to resolve as many issues as possible before the migration is complete... Live Chat is fully operational.

The option to fund your new ProfitClicking Wallet will be made available to you on or before the countdown timer expires! Follow the countdown at: - the Excitement is Building!

JustBeenPaid ceased all company operations after the last payout was made Aug 20th. This included all funding into the company, withdrawals from the company and earnings to members. ProfitClicking will honor the existing balances of all JustBeenPaid members that migrate to ProfitClicking, ensuring earnings on active positions up to Aug 20th, and correct balances will be reflected in the dashboard.

Please look through the following information:

Answers to the most asked questions are here:

Visit our 24/7 conference room for training and basic FAQs (must be logged in to your ProfitClicking account):

Check out our new Member FAQ pages (must be logged in to your ProfitClicking account):

Go here to access your ProfitClicking account (conveniently, existing members use the same Member ID and password as with JustBeenPaid):

Please stay informed by reading all the announcements that get posted under your Dashboard after you login to your account.

Watch for future updates as even more enhancements and exciting things are coming our way!

Thank you for being a valuable member of ProfitClicking