Member Update ... Withdrawals are now LIVE!

Daily Update For September 20, 2012

Withdrawals are now LIVE !

Members can now make daily withdrawals up to $250.00 per transaction from their wallet balance to the processor of choice.

Each withdrawal will show as pending until the transfer is complete. At this time, members can request one withdrawal per day. All processors have an eight percent fee (8%) except Solid Trust Pay which is four percent (4%). All fees are deducted from the withdrawal amount.

Please note: Withdrawal limits are subject to change at anytime.

Coming Soon: Within the next 48 hours, we will begin paying $0.10 on all ad packages purchased prior to the migration from Just Been Paid.

More great news: As of this announcement, incomes are current and can be viewed by logging into your account. We are here for the 98% of marketers who never succeed online. Everyone can make money with
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