The Final Countdown Begins!

Once your account becomes live, there are a few house keeping items you should verify.
Update all personal information... Make sure all your personal information is correct.
Connect all payment processors... We recommend you have more than one processor account set up and verified. If one processor is down for maintenance you will have a backup processor available.
Read the Member Terms and Agreements... ProfitClicking has a broad business model with many products and services in development. Please review the current terms, agreements and disclosures to understand your relationship with ProfitClicking.
Following these simple steps will help ensure a smooth transition.
In the news!
The # 1 marketing tool for 2012 is YOUR reputation! Current economic trends are changing the way online marketers do business. Your online presence and reputation is a key component to your success.
There are numerous resources available to develop your online presence. One of the most efficient is to utilize social media and blogging. Together these provide a medium for your followers to interact with you and become secure in their choice to use your product or service.
ProfitClicking uses these methods as well. You can interact with us on our social media sites located at
Why is Profit Clicking so different?
You may have used Search Engine Optimization, (SEO’s) in the past and even a traffic exchange service… but did you see results? Was your results worth what you invested? We find the answers to these questions are rarely positive. What makes us different is our unique, secured, live traffic system designed specifically to deliver results. We are here to make sure you get results.
Our traffic exchange system does not use bots, we do not spam or use outdated lists. You are paying for real live people viewing your site, increasing your exposure, and driving your products and services to the top of any search engine. We drive traffic to you... so you can do the rest!
Here's to your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team