Happy Saturday! ... Improvements at Profit Clicking

Daily Update For September 29, 2012

Happy Saturday!

The weekend is just around the corner and we have some exciting updates to share that will help get the party started right!

At Profit Clicking we LOVE improvements that simplify the process for our members. With that philosophy in mind, we're excited to announce another FABULOUS improvement!

Earning with Profit Clicking is as simple as viewing three websites a day! That’s all you have to do! Check out three sites and collect your Daily Sales Commission.

Easy, breezy, right?

Busy? Of course you are, who isn’t?

View a few extra websites today and build a reserve for days when you're not able to complete the daily surfing requirement for sales commissions. We save your extra views for up to 45 days!

You can track your reserved website views on your Dashboard, and plan for weekends, vacations or unexpected circumstances which used to prevent you from meeting the daily surfing requirement. The website view reserve, showing in your Traffic Stats, started accumulating September 24th and will continue until further notice.

As always, there is no sponsoring required....

However, we offer a Pay-It-Forward System to make the sharing process safe and simple. Offer your friends, contacts and acquaintances a FREE $10 credit to get them started right away! Your Success is simple with Profit Clicking!

Speaking of simple success, don’t forget about Ad Packages!
Buy Ad Packages and receive 1000 Ad Package Credits to put your business in the spotlight. Why should you take advantage of both options? Think about it.

Millions of Profit Clicking members will view your website, while you earn Daily Sales Commissions.

Cash Daily... No tricks... .Just clicks!

The migration process is nearing completion and already the growth is fantastic. We are ecstatic about the new members joining every day! Sales of new Ad Packages continue to hit record breaking numbers!

Check our Alexa ranking out for yourself! http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/profitclicking.com 
Remember the lower the number, the more popular we are!

We offer a sincere Thank You to promoters who continually share the great Profit Clicking news. NOW is the time to get excited about Profit Clicking!

Best Regards,
The Executive Team

P.S. I challenge you to find any program that's easier to make money with than Profit Clicking.

P.P.S. Profit Clicking is about to become the program "everyone in the know" joins. Join immediately! Tell your friends and contacts about us before they get scooped under someone else.