Profit Clicking is an incredible opportunity

“Profit Clicking is an incredible opportunity that can bless hundreds of thousands of people.” 

Power Hour with DOC

On the Live Call last night, DOC announced many new and helpful things that are now available to jump start your business!  Members can take advantage of these features, and the many more that will soon be coming to the Profit Clicking site!  Here are just a few of the highlights from DOC's call.

New Home Page

Have you seen the new Home Page at Profit Clicking?  It looks great, and has many of the items that members wanted to see!  The $1,000,000 Challenge is right there for all your prospects to view, and on the right side you will see the Top Five IBO Earners!  These are both awesome features for prospects!

Live Calls Every 4 Hours

Profit Clicking Live Chat room has three presentations to help members build their business!
· An Overview of Profit Clicking  -- know more so you can share more!
· Getting Started -- great for beginners to learn what to do, and how to do it!
· Building Your Business – great for even the most seasoned marketer!

There will also be an Advance Live Training that will be offered every few days.  For all these business building bonuses, check the Event calendar.  There is a link at the top of each Profit Clicking page, and another link on the left tool bar located on your Dashboard.

Take advantage of these high value trainings that are being offered to our members free of charge!
Ask DOC Your Questions

If you have a question that you want to ask DOC, there is a new email account ready!  Send your questions to  You can also submit your success stories and/or give your Profit Clicking testimonial.

Throughout the week, DOC will be available to answer questions LIVE!  Be sure to check our Facebook fan page,, or our Twitter page,, for more details!

Tweet Party
During every Power Hour with DOC, our Twitter page has a Tweet Party where followers can tweet questions and can get updates.  Last night, followers were asked to send their positive experiences to #PCHappyTalks.  Winners will be chosen during the week, then announced on next week’s call!  Who will win?  What will they win?  Those questions will be answered next Thursday!  Make sure that you are on the call to find out!

New Login Page
Members asked and we delivered! Profit Clicking rolled out a new Login page tonight. Members now have "Quick and Easy" access to important resources directly from the Login page.

Personal Development 
"Upgrade Your Brain" a powerful information product previously available to JBP members is now available in the Profit Clicking Store. Access from the "Store" link in the left side menu on your Dashboard.

Keep Checking In
Keep checking your daily announcements, our Facebook fan page, our Twitter feed, and our other social media sites to hear more about DOC’s live call, and more about all the new and exciting changes that are happening at Profit Clicking!

“With Profit Clicking, just the way it is right now, the potential is here to use the program and become a millionaire!”
 ~ DOC

Here's To Your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team