Profit Shift Explained

Profit Shift Explained

There's been a lot of excitement from experienced members since DOC announced the Profit Shift (formally known as a "restart") that will take place in mid November. Newer members, however, are wondering what a Profit Shift is, and how it will benefit them. Here are some answers to the questions that members have been asking:

1. What happens in a Profit Shift?
The Profit Shift is a conversion of some (or in some cases -- all) of your Ad Packs to PC Panels. Panels, when they are finalized, are worth $60.

2. DOC said the cut-off date was October 25th. Does that mean I missed out?
NO! That means NOW is the BEST time to buy Ad Packs! Now is the best time for your referrals to buy Ad Packs! Now is the best time to bring in more referrals!

3. But, DOC said the Ad Packs bought after the cut-off date would not be included in the Shift.
Newly purchased Ad Packs, those bought after October 25th, will not be converted to Panels. That means that you will have a longer time to collect Daily Sales Commissions on these new Packages! These newly bought Ad Packs have more time to mature, paying out 150% before the next Profit Shift!

Members are excited because they know that buying Ad Packs now will maximize their earning pot! You may purchase 1000 Packages per hour, with a 5000 Package per day limit. There is a 25,000 Advertising Package limit per individual member account. Don't be left out! Buy Ad Packs now!

Testimonials Being Taken!
Would you like your Profit Clicking story shown on the Testimonials page, and maybe see it featured in the Member's Update? Send your story to with the subject "Testimonial". Wouldn't it be great to see YOUR story on the Profit Clicking page! Send it in today!

Where's DOC?
DOC is out and about visiting Profit Clicking's Social Media sites! Where he'll be next, no one knows – except DOC! Keep checking our sites each day…you may spot DOC and have a chance to chat with him for a while! Our Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Google Plus sites all have an easy link on each of Profit Clicking's pages. Use the blue widget on the right side. Once you start using the widget, you'll love it! It makes it so easy to jump right over to one of our most popular Social Media sites!

But, those aren't the only Profit Clicking sites, and they aren't the only places where DOC might appear! Here's a few of the other possibilities:

Ask Doc Vimeo:

Be sure to stop by each of Profit Clicking's social media sites at least once each day. You might not find DOC, but you will definitely find out about new things that are happening! (it would be an awesome bonus to be there when DOC popped in!)

It's Definitely the Right Time, and Profit Clicking is Always the Right Place
Profit Clicking is built to run, but made to last! We don't have to tell you that most HYIP's have a reputation for fizzling out. What sets us apart? Our unique system is indefinitely sustainable. Get comfy, we're here to stay!

Here's to Your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team