Profit Clicking is Growing Stronger Every Day!

Profit Clicking continues to grow strongly. Purchases of new ad packages have hit several new all-time highs during the past few days. This growth is reflected by our Alex statistics!  It's now in the low 300's!  Thanks to all our promoters for helping us grow so strongly. Please keep up the good work!

Ad Pack Sales are Soaring!
Knowing that the Profit Shift is coming has members buying Ad Packs like crazy!  From members:
T.O.:  yesss   i just bought 31 adpacks!
K.L.:  My sponsor just bought 300 Ad!
G.W: I'm buying as many Ad Packs as I can! No Better Time!

This is the BEST time to purchase new Ad Packs!  If you are new, and don't understand the Profit Shift, that's the most important thing to know!  Buying Ad Packs now gives you the best opportunity to maximize your Daily Sales Commissions --potentially earning up to 150% on each of your newly purchased Ad Packs before the next Profit Shift!

This is also a great time to promote Profit Clicking, because new accounts, and their Ad Packs, will not be affected by the coming Profit Shift.  Let your prospects know that this is the perfect time to join, and remind them that Profit Clicking will give them $10 to buy their first Ad Pack! 

More on the Profit Shift
Purchasing new Ad Packs will counter any immediate decrease in daily earnings after participating in a Profit Shift, by boosting your daily commissions. As your Ad Packs mature and expire, you can receive one PC Panel for every 4th expired Ad Pack. This helps to complete existing PC Panels, which in turn pays you a $60 rebate for each completed PC Panel.

It's important to understand you won't lose any of the "repurchasing effect" as a result of the Profit Shift. The calculations are based on your total Ad Packs in the system. You also  earn a $1 referral bonus for every Ad Pack purchased by Your Referrals and $.50 on every Ad Pack purchased by their referrals!

Hear DOC's Calls on Vimeo!
Did you miss one of DOC's live conference calls?  Both the October 18th and the October 25th calls can be heard on his very own Vimeo channel.  The Million Dollar Challenge video is also there!  Be sure to bookmark this link: !

It’s Definitely the Right Time, and Profit Clicking is Always the Right Place
Profit Clicking is built to run, but made to last!  What sets us apart?  Our unique system is indefinitely sustainable.  Get comfy, we’re here to stay!

Here's To Your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team